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Little Drummer Boy- Christmas Stocking

Little Drummer Boy- Christmas Stocking

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"A new born King to see Pa-rum-pum-pum-pum!" The Little Drummer Boy Stocking was designed after the Children's Television Special "The Little Drummer Boy" that was released in 1968. I remember watching it when I was little. The Little Drummer Boy song that we know today was first recorded and released back in 1951. There have been many versions and recordings of this classic. What a cute stocking for a little boy!

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  • Stocking Color: Select from the choices listed for the particular stocking (red stocking with green hat and vest or green stocking with red hat and vest). 
  • Name: Insert the name you would like applied to your stocking in the box "Name on Cuff". If you are not having a name applied, please insert "None". 
  • Type of Lettering: Select Script, Block, or No name
  • Special Instructions (optional): Place here any specific instructions you may have such as, "point the toe to the left".

Christmas Stocking Details

    Christmas stocking production time is 7-10 days.

    • Christmas stocking measures 8.5" x 20"
    • Felt Stocking; Cotton Lining from cuff to toe
    • Applique on front of stocking is hand-embroidered
    • Name for your Christmas stocking is machine embroidered and included (Fonts may vary from year to year) See details
    • Christmas stocking toe points to the right as shown. (If you prefer the toe to point to the left, please leave specific instructions in the space provided)
    • Ruby red (green hat and vest) or Kelly green (red hat and vest) stocking. Please refer to the sample color images for a more accurate color of the stocking. 
    • More details or questions? Please refer to the Quick Links Menu below. 

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