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Stocking Descriptions

All of our Christmas stockings are handmade in our shop for each individual customer. The materials selected for our stockings are of high quality and we take pride in the construction of them. We hope all of your questions regarding the construction of our Christmas stockings is answered here. If not, please contact us by using the link in the top menu. 


You may order a small sample of the fabric used to create the Christmas stockings for the current season, at no charge, by sending your request via email. Please include your name and address.


Our Christmas stockings are made of soft felt fabric. Please keep in mind that different browsers may display the colors differently. The felt stockings are ruby red and kelly green. Colors may seem brighter in the pictures then they actually are. The red stockings are a very nice deep red, not the red you see in stores.
Note: The dark hunter green felt that we used in the past (2002-2014) has been discontinued and is no longer available by the manufacturer. We are now using a kelly green, which is just a little brighter than the hunter. 
The cuff, toe, and heel of the stocking is accented with dark green cotton homespun fabric, which may vary from season to season, depending on the availability from our supplier. Also, because the trim material is homespun (hand dyed), there could be a difference in the shades from year to year. To guarantee your family stockings all match, it is best to order them at the same time.  Lot numbers may be different from year to year, causing the pile or color of the felt fabric to be slightly different.  

Applique Stitching

Our felt Christmas stockings have an applique that is hand-sewn on the front, not by machine as you see in stores.


The lettering is completed in either script or block. Please visit the personalization page to learn more about the lettering.


The Christmas stocking's height measures approximately 20 inches from the top of the cuff to the tip of the toe. The width measures approximately 8.5 inches.  Stockings can be stuffed from the cuff all the way to the toe.

Special Requests

If you have any special requests such as; point stocking toe to the left instead of the right as pictured, please use the space provided for special instructions. If your request cannot be completed, we will contact you via email. 

Custom Design

Sorry, we no longer accept orders for custom designs. Please choose from the selection that we have available. Thank you.

Care Instructions and Storage

It is best to spot wash your stocking lightly with a damp cloth, being careful not to rub, but blot the fabric. Place the stocking flat to air dry. Do not put the stocking in the washer or dryer. To store from year to year, we suggest laying the stockings flat and separate from other items. The less friction the stockings have with other items the better. Store in a dry place with little humidity.


The Christmas stockings are not meant to be used as toys. Carefully watch children under three years of age. If you would like a stocking with no beads, buttons, etc.. please let us know in the space for specific instructions. Also, the stockings are not flame resistant. Please hang the stockings carefully away from open flames.

Other Questions

Please refer to the frequently asked questions page for any unanswered questions such as, delivery terms, shipping information, payment information, cancellation information, return policy, shopping cart security, wholesale information, or pattern information. You may also contact us by e-mail.