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Font Styles

We have two font styles for the personalized name on the cuff.  Customers have the option of selecting either the Script style in "Script MT Bold" or Block style.  We use off white thread, which we feel looks the best against the green gingham fabric that is used for the cuff.

Script Lettering:

christmas stocking script

Block Lettering:

Special note regarding Block lettering:

Starting 2015, the block lettering has changed from the top font "Harper"- to the bottom font "Caroline", as seen in the bottom image, and also shown in the top image "Aidan".

christmas stocking font

Size of Font:

The large first letter is about 1 ¼ inch and the smaller letters are about ¼ inch. If you have a "y", "g" "p" etc. the name will take up a little more room on the cuff where the small letter extends at the bottom ("Maggie").

If you would like two names (first and middle), the letters will be smaller to fit the name on the cuff. If you are ordering several stockings and only one has two names on the cuff, we will make the other stockings with the larger letters and the one with the two names will have smaller letters. From experience, this is what most customers prefer.