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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to receive my order?

Typically an order takes approximately 7-10 business days from the date you place an order to ship. During peak months it is best to order before November. Tree skirts generally take longer. A notification is sent to you when your order is received. 

SHIPPING: When the stockings are complete, they are shipped by United States Postal Service (Priority Mail 2-3 days delivery). You are notified when your order is shipped.  Overseas packages are shipped by United States Postal Service First Class International (7-10 days delivery). 

What are the shipping charges?

Shipping charges are based on the number of items you ordered. If the actual cost to ship your order far exceeds the shipping charges displayed during checkout, a bill will be sent to you via email for the extra shipping charges. Your order will be shipped upon receipt of the additional postage.

Domestic shipping
(US Mail Priority): 1-2 items: $7.95; 3-4 items: $8.95;

5-6 items: $10.95; 7 and up: $11.95

International shipping (US Mail First Class International): 1-2 items:$ 10.55; 3-4 items: $ 13.07; 5-6 items: $ 16.51; 7 and up: $ 23.39. (If the shipping charges far exceed what was submitted, a separate bill will be sent via PayPal for the additional shipping. The stocking(s) will be shipped when the additional postage is received. 

What is the advantage to creating an account?

When you create an account you will receive an account activation and welcome email.  By creating an account you can save your order information and track your packages. 

What is your return policy?

Customers may return stockings for a refund only if the request is made within 10 days of receipt verified by the Post Office. Please visit the "contact us" page and send your request via email. Our return policy can be found at the bottom of the shopping cart pages before checkout or the Return Policy link at the bottom menu.  We are proud to say that no stocking has been returned because of the quality of our stockings, however there have been times when a customer made a mistake and gave us the wrong name or forgot to mention that they preferred the stocking to point to the left instead of the right. In these instances it is best to contact us as soon as possible. We will let you know if the mistake can be corrected and how long it will take. Because Christmas tree skirts are made to the customer's specifications, they cannot be returned.

What type of payment do you accept?

The credit cards we accept are Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. We also accept payment through PayPal where other cards are accepted.  There is a misconception that customers must set up a PayPal account to use the PayPal shopping cart. This is not the case. You may use the PayPal shopping cart just like any other shopping cart. There is no need to set up an account with PayPal, unless you want to pay by electronic check. Your credit card is authorized at the time of checkout and charged when your order is shipped. 

Mail orders are accepted only if paying by check or money order. If you would like to mail your order and pay with a personal check, please contact us by visiting the "contact us" link at the bottom of the page. 

Can I make changes to the stockings?

If you are requesting changes such as, point the stocking toe to the left instead of the right or slightly change the front applique, please indicate in the space provided for special instructions. Custom made Christmas stockings where you let us know what you want on the front of your stocking is not available.  

Will the stockings match from year to year?

We do our best to purchase the same fabric for our stockings from year to year; so that when a customer is purchasing another stocking to complete a set, it will match with the others. This is not always possible. Sometimes, the manufacturer is out of stock and the fabric is not available, which forces us to purchase different material that will compliment the other fabric.

Also, because the trim material is homespun (hand dyed), there could be a difference in the shades from year to year. Due to different lot numbers, the felt fabric could be of a different weight or shade.These circumstances are out of our control and cannot be avoided. We do our very best to select fabric that will be as close as possible and the difference is usually minor.

Note: The dark hunter green felt that we used in the past (2002-2014) has been discontinued and is no longer available by the manufacturer. Beginning Christmas 2015, we will be using kelly green, which is just a little brighter than the hunter. 

Lettering: Over the years, we have used different fonts and embroidery machines. We don't keep track of which embroidery machine was used on which order. Therefore, it is hard to say whether the name will match. 

Do you sell your stockings wholesale?

At this time, we do not accept wholesale orders.

Do you sell the patterns for the stockings?

Patterns are not available for our products.

How do I cancel my order?

If you change your mind and wish to cancel your order, please E-Mail us as soon as possible. Please include your name and address.

How can I contact you?

We are an on-line business and prefer to answer all questions by E-Mail. This allows us to spend more time working on orders. Customers are comfortable with this request and we have not received any negative responses regarding our contact method. Emails are answered within 24 hours. Please use the "Contact Us" link at the top menu. 

Do you have a secure site?

We do not store any credit card information on our server. Personal information is collected and stored on Shopify servers, which is heavily protected. We receive payment from Shopify or PayPal and never see customer's financial information. For further concerns regarding the security of Shopify or PayPal, please visit their website. Please view the address bar in your browser. Secure pages contain an internet address that begins with https: instead of http:

Where can I find the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service?

This information can be found at the bottom of the shopping cart pages during checkout before you put in your credit card information. 

Where can I get more information regarding your stockings?

If you have questions regarding the fabric, stitching, personalization, care instructions, etc...please refer to the "Stocking Details" link on the bottom of the pages. If your question is not answered, please send us an email by using the "contact us" link on the top menu.