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Customer Comments- Page Two

  • "Received the stocking and it’s absolutely beautiful!  Thanks so much and Merry Christmas!"- Melina
  • "Received my stocking and I love, love, love it.  Thank you.  You did a great job with the accent marks and the end result is beautiful. Merci beaucoup!" Linda- Amherst, NH 

  • "I just finished hanging our Christmas stockings on our mantel.  This year we added yet another one – I now have 6 grandchildren and they love opening their stockings after Santa fills them each Christmas morning.  We purchased our first stockings from you 8 years ago and they continue to be a big hit with everyone who sees them.  I just wanted to say, thank you Lorraine.  I can tell each stocking has been made with caring and love – We will continue to ENJOY!"  Kris- Wenatchee, WA 

  • "Just received your stockings and they are awesome!!   They are so good and will be telling all my family and friends where we got them. I hope you made photos of them and put them on the create your own!  You just brought a nice smile to me and a happy Christmas." Fran- Newport Beach, CA

  • "We received our 2 wool stockings yesterday for our children (Brennan & Corinne). Thank you soooo much!! They are absolutely beautiful and definitely exceeded my expectations. I am so excited to hang & fill them from St. Nick and begin our family traditions. I sincerely appreciated the quality, as it gets harder and harder to find these days. Thank you again for highlighting our Christmas time for years to come. Warmest wishes for an excellent season for you & your family."- Shelli-Connellsville, PA

  • "I just finished hanging our Christmas stockings on our mantel. This year we added yet another one – I now have 6 grandchildren and they love opening their stockings after Santa fills them each Christmas morning. We purchased our first stockings from you 8 years ago and they continue to be a big hit with everyone who sees them. I just wanted to say, thank you. I can tell each stocking has been made with caring and love – We will continue to ENJOY! Kris"- Wenatchee, WA 

  • "They look great!!! I’ve been showing them off…. thanks!" Linda- Orange, CA 

  • "I am so thrilled with the custom mail carrier stocking that you created for Jon. I was thrilled when you took on the task for me to make one for him with a U.S.P.S. theme. It arrived quickly and when we opened it, we both were thrilled with it. The quality is amazing and your design is exactly what I wanted! Thank you so much for making this Christmas so special for us, and giving Jon such a great early gift!" Kristin- Garfield, AR 

  • "Received my stocking, thank you so much! I ordered stockings for my husband and I a couple years ago from you and loved them, this recent one is for our brand new baby girl, I love how they all match in theme. So cute, thanks again!"   Bethani-Selma, TX

  • "Thank you so much. I ordered three stocking from you two years ago for my children and each year everyone comments on how beautiful they are. We are expecting our fourth child in a few weeks and looking forward adding another stocking to our collection this year. Kind regards, Melissa" Petrie, Queensland, Australia

  • "Thank you so much. I know I've said this before, but the tree skirts make the best gifts. Thank you again."   Rosary- Rolling Meadows, IL

  • "I received the beautiful stocking yesterday. Thank you so much. This is the third one I have ordered, 3 grandkids now, from you. I love them. They're well made and they're big enough. Thank you again," Carmen- Huntington Beach, CA 

  • "Hello, I just received the stocking I ordered from you for my grand daughter's first Christmas and it is absolutely beautiful. You did a wonderful job with all aspects of it and I wanted to thank you for this. I showed it to my friends and they too thought is was extremely well made. I can't wait to give it to my daughter. Thank you again for a job well done." Linda-Amherst, NH 
  • "I received the newest addition to my family's stockings. It is just as adorable as the others I've ordered from you over the last few years. I'll send a photo when I have them all hung. Thank you for your prompt response to my order request." Moon- Tulsa, OK 
  • "Thank you. It arrived today – it is perfect. I hope to contact you when future grandchildren arrive for more stockings! Happy Holidays." Cathie- Trenton, NJ 
  • "Thank you for these very special stockings! A friend quickly recommended you when I expressed frustration on my lack of time to make one for my 1st grandchild and disappointment with commercial stockings. When I went on your site, of course I had to order for every member of the family. You far exceeded my expectations! The craftsmanship and custom details I requested guarantee that the stockings will become very special family heirlooms. Thank you!" Miki- Pacific Grove, CA
  • "I received my stocking and tree skirt a couple of days ago and it is perfect! Thank you so much again for your fantastic quality and designs! I am just so thrilled with them all and I tell all my friends about it! I can't wait for Christmas! Many thanks!!!   Christina- US Air Force, Japan

  • "Just wanted to let you know that our stocking and tree skirt arrived today. Beautiful! Thank you so much! I can't tell you how much the stockings and skirt add to the color and warmth of our Christmases." Heather-Clarksville, NH

  • "I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the stockings I have purchase from you. About 3yrs. ago I bought one for our first daughter and the angel on it has light brown hair. She has light brown hair. This year I purchased one for our second daughter and the angel on this one has black hair. Our 2nd has black hair. Needless to say I was amazed. I just wanted to say thank you and we love the stockings. Merry Christmas," Claire- Huntington Beach, CA 

  • "When I e-mailed you asking if it was possible for you to send me a black cat (new addition to our family) so that I could either sew or glue onto my existing Christmas Skirt.. I expected a yes and here is the price or no so sorry...what I did not expect is what you my package was a surprise...the black cat I had asked about...perfect and no charge.......who does that these days? Thank you so much........Judy- Oak Run, CA

  • "I just want to say thank you. I have now purchased stockings from you for all my family and they all love them."   Bonnie- Henderson, NV
  • "I received my stockings today and they are perfect!!! Oh my goodness I could not be more pleased. They are so well done and completely adorable. Thank you so much for getting them to me so quickly. My family loves them too!I'll be ordering another one for next year as we are expecting a new baby! As soon as we find out the gender, I will get in touch with you so I can order one before your 2009 batch is out of stock. Thank you again. You made my day!: Lindsay- Sachse, TX

  • "Just to let you know have received the stocking and it is gorgeous - I will have a very happy and excited little boy on Christmas morning :o) Thanks again" Marina-United Kingdom

  • "We received our stocking--Santa with pets--yesterday. It is beautiful! We purchased one 4 years ago when our first granddaughter was born. I was so pleased with it that I immediately put your website in my rolodex so I would be sure to have it for future grandchildren. This stocking is for our second granddaughter who will be celebrating her first Christmas this year. Thank you for making heirloom-quality stockings that are a joy to display and use." Carla- Columbia, MO

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