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Covid 19

Covid-19 Questions and Answers

Is your environment safe?

I am doing my best to follow all guidelines to ensure a safe and clean environment while working on my stockings.  My business is home-based and is located in a rural county with very few Covid-19 cases.  

Will there be a delay in processing my order? 

I do not anticipate any delay in processing your order at this time. However, unforeseen circumstances could cause a delay if vendors do not supply materials in a timely manner. I order all of my materials well in advance for each season's product load. If it becomes necessary to order more materials, I am hoping my vendors have the ability to ship on time.

Do you anticipate a more than usual amount of orders this year?  

It is unclear how online shopping will be affected this year during the holiday season. More people may prefer to shop online and I may receive a larger than normal amount of orders here on my website and on my Etsy shop. I will notify you of any delay. 

Will there be a delay in shipping my order? 

I do not expect any delay in shipping, however it is unclear how online shopping will be affected leading up to the holiday this year. With more online shopping, the US post office may be affected in some way. If there is a delay, I will do my best to give you a heads up.

Will I be notified if there is a delay in processing and shipping my order?

Yes, I will let you know of any circumstances that may cause a delay in shipping your order. I will give you the option to cancel your order or wait to receive your stocking(s) until I am able to ship. Because your credit card is only authorized for 7 days, it will be captured (processed) within those 7 days and credited back to you if you choose to cancel. 

Where can I receive updated information regarding how the Covid-19 pandemic is affecting your business?

If there is a major concern regarding managing my business during this time, I will post a notice on my home page and Facebook page, as well as my Etsy shop. Also, I will notify customers who have outstanding orders.