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Top Ten Most Popular Christmas Stockings for 2016


Well, Christmas has come and gone...This year I was surprised at the top sold Christmas stocking this past Christmas was the "Cat Christmas Stocking".  I changed the stocking a little bit this past Christmas and added the stocking cap and ball of yarn. The cat can be made in different colors.  The stocking names that were applied to the cat Christmas stockings were pretty darn cute. Visit my post on "Names Applied to Christmas stockings this Past Season".

The Dog Christmas stocking came in second... This stocking as always been a favorite, but again I was a bit surprised it made the top sold list.  People really love their pets! 

The other top Christmas stockings were not a surprise, as they have always been a favorite with my customers. 

 Cat Christmas Stocking

Dog Christmas Stocking

Girl Elf Christmas Stocking

Football Christmas Stocking

Penguin Christmas Stocking

Angel Christmas Stocking

Ice Skater Christmas Stocking

Train Christmas Stocking

Gingerbread Christmas Stocking

Soldier Christmas Stocking

Christmas is over, but it's never completely out of my mind. I'm always trying to think of new designs.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  Let me know what other Christmas stockings you would like to see in my collection.....Have a safe and happy new year!

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