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Names Applied to Our Stockings this Past Season

christmas stocking

I thought it would be fun to keep track of the names that were applied to our Christmas stockings this past Christmas. Many were applied multiple times. Because my customers tend to buy for a new addition to the family, this list could possibly be names for a baby that was born sometime in the year before Christmas. The names for dogs and cats were so cute that I decided to include them also. If you would like to learn the top Christmas stockings sold, visit the "Top Ten Most Popular Christmas Stockings for 2016"...

 Girls Boys Dogs Cats
Hailee Daniel Max Asher
Stephanie Brennan Fred Stitch
Janina Hudson Wilma Frodo
Ava Kyle Gunner Fitz Fitz
Emma Reid Russell Melvin
Nora Stephen Falcon Munster
Vivian Connor Rigby Pishlee
Hannah Theo Milo Persnickety
Mayra Gary BJ Miss Etta
Eleanor Beau Lola
Amelia William Gigi
Emry John
Audrey Sam
Evelyn Caleb
Emilia Chad
Lauren Ryan
Jaycie Benny
Mandie Richie
Anni Joey
Hartley Avett
Laura Jason
Julia Joshua
Haley Robert
Sandy Alexander
Ella Eric
Madelyn James
Janet Charlie
Heather Kevin
Caiden Jake
Gianna Malcolm
Zelie Eddie
Kaia Finn
Joy Josh
Caitlyn Parker
Bailey Patrick
Norah Blake

Some of the names are unique, while others have been around a long time. What are your favorites?

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