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Six Online Games for Toddlers

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Six Online Games for Toddlers

While Charlotte and I watched her favorite shows on PBS, I noticed a commercial featuring online game sites for toddlers on PBS Kids.  I went to the site and found some enjoyable games for toddlers. I thought... since PBS has toddler activity games, there must be more!  So,  I did some research and found five more online activity sites that we tried out and enjoyed.

Charlotte has an ipad and her Dad downloaded a few games, so she can play them easily.  Her and I have fun playing the games together. Our favorites are those games with Daniel Tiger, Doc McStuffins and Curious George.  Many of the games are pretty challenging, others are simple. Charlotte is not yet three, so her favorites mostly included those with painting, matching or dress up activities.  Have fun!

Online Game Sites for Toddlers

  • PBS Kids:  There are many games and fun activities on PBS Kids.  Charlotte's favorite is Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood where there are dress up games. She also loves the Curious George Pumpkin Patch.
  • Disney Junior:  The Doc McStuffins games are so adorable. You will find the Doc in her clinic or the Doc mobile. There is a seek and find game, sticker book, scramble game, painting and a checkup challenge. On Disney Junior you will also find games with Sophia the First, Captain Jake, Mickey and Minnie Mouse and more.
  • Fischer Price: Learning games at Fisher Price online include a count game, ABC game, healthy food hunt and more. Charlotte likes the paint game and the friend finder game.
  • Nick Jr:  Assorted games at Nick Junior will keep your toddler entertained for a long time.  Charlotte loves the Dora games, especially the Dora's Ballet Adventure and Dora's Ice Skating.
  • Mattel:  The Mattel Barbie dress-up games were fun for Charlotte. She also liked the pet grooming game.
  • Starfall:  This is a great learning site for preschool.  Learn ABC's, colors, how to read, etc...  It didn't keep Charlotte's attention now, but when she gets a little older it will be a good learning tool.

Although, I'm not crazy about Charlotte spending too much time on her ipad, it is a good way for her to learn how to follow directions and solve simple problems.  Check out the games and let us know which ones you like the best! If you find anymore good game sites for toddlers, let us know....

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