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Review: "Little Loving Hands" A Simple Way for Kids to Give Back - Craft and Donate

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Lily Yeh, founder of Little Loving Hands, created a unique opportunity for young children to give back to those in need.  As a mother of two children, she knows firsthand how important it is to encourage a young "prince or princess" to be kind, selfless and charitable to those less fortunate than them.  Teaching a young child to be caring, through an act of kindness, bestows on them a humble, self-sacrificing quality.  Little Loving Hands provides a simple way for children to learn the concept of ... "it's better to give than to receive."

What is Little Loving Hands?

Little Loving Hands is a subscription box delivered to your home once a month.  Inside the box is a child's craft kit where the end product is donated to a charitable cause that changes every month. For example, last month, Little Loving Hands designed a craft kit (soft heatable snowman) to advocate the Ronald McDonald House.  This organization aids families, who are dealing with a sick child, by supplying housing and support during a difficult time.  How wonderful that each sick child is gifted with a thoughtful item that your child created and donated!


This month the completed craft (ti-dyed bandana and US flag key chain) will be sent to Our Military Kids, a non profit organization that supports children with parents in the US military.  It is the hope that this simple act of kindness will show military children how much they are recognized and appreciated, as they part with a parent who is deployed.

Little Loving Hands provides each kit with materials for the craft project, a description about the featured charity and how it is helping someone in need, and a pre-paid return envelope to mail your child's finished craft directly to charity. For you to keep is a certificate of achievement, and a collectible button. The kits are aimed at children ages 3-7, however I can see it engaging children much older too.  A Girl Scout for example, ages 10-12, would find this craft kit inspiring. Even though it is simple in nature, the mission is beneficial and rewarding.

Making Little Loving Hands Craft Project


When I received this month's craft kit from Little Loving Hands, I was amazed at how organized it was.  The mission for the month is clear..."Today's craft: Tie Dyed Bandana, Patriotic Keychain, and Soldier Card."  The completed project will go to a military child..."It's because of their moms and dads that we can all feel protected and safe." I'm not sure my granddaughter fully understood why we were making the crafts, as she is just three-years old. However, she was eager to get started and said, "Oh, that's nice Grandma!" 


Inside the little box is all the materials that you will need to complete the projects (down to the crayons, glue, plastic gloves, vinegar and salt), which I sorted before we began. I suggest you read the instructions for each project beforehand, so you will be all ready to go. Charlotte started out making the beaded key chain, which she really enjoyed. With a little help from Grandma, she finished the project, only taking a break once!


The next craft was the tie-dyed bandana. Charlotte thought it was fun to drip the colored dye onto the material. Thank goodness, the instructions suggested to use the box as a way to keep the dye contained, as it was a bit messy.

kids give back

After a few breaks, my granddaughter finished her projects and was quite proud of herself.  A certificate and button is included in the box, as a sort of "thank you" for your hard work, which I gave to her. We placed the finished crafts in the supplied envelope and off it goes to this month's charity!

Why you Should Subscribe to Little Loving Hands

Little Loving Hands is a wonderful learning experience for children, and a great way to teach them the importance of giving back to others.  I urge all parents and grandparents to take advantage of this admirable opportunity.... Make being generous and kind a priority!  The monthly subscription is only $20 and well worth the benefits. Not only are you putting a smile on someone's face and making a charitable contribution, but you are spending quality time with your children or grandchildren.   No doubt- The craft kits delivered to your home, every month, will soon become an activity your children will look forward to and tell their friends about.  

I am very proud to endorse Little Loving Hands and will be purchasing a subscription of my own!  I encourage you to visit their website, Facebook page or YouTube video to learn more about Little Loving Hands and their heartfelt product for a charitable cause. 

The craft kit was received in exchange for a honest review; some images from Little Loving Hands

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