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Play-Doh: Gotta Love it

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Who doesn't love Play-Doh?

The Play-Doh I purchased for Charlotte was a big hit.  In fact, while she was playing with it, I found myself getting right in there too!  It's so squishy and fun! I don't know if you call it a toy, but it sure entertains the kids like one. Charlotte played with it for a good hour, which is pretty amazing for a two year old.  I must say...Play-Doh has come a long way since I played with it back in the day.  Just to see how far Play-Doh has actually come,  I visited the Hasbro website.  There were 14 pages of different specialty sets you can buy of Play-Doh.  From an ice cream shoppe to a grinding gravel yard. Of course, there are also super tools available to make the job easier.

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Where Did Play-Doh Come From?

Did you know that Play-Doh was originally a substance to clean wallpaper?  Yep, a guy named Joe McVicker invented the squishy substance to clean wallpaper.  That is until some teachers from Cincinnati, in 1955,  decided it was better suited as a modeling clay for their students.  Well, word spread to Macy's and Marshall Field's and by 1956 a softer compound was manufactured and Play-Doh became a popular modeling compound for kids.  That must have been a lot of talking. Think about social media back then-- teachers, moms and students talking about this crazy wallpaper cleaner that can be used like modeling clay, but much softer.  Today, according to the National Toy Hall of Fame, it is estimated that  kids have played with 700 million pounds of Play Doh.  Were you around when Play-Doh was born?

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