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Book Review: The Adventures of Camp Nana Papa

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book review

American author, Donnie Cranfill, has released his first edition of the children's book series,  The Adventures of Camp Nana Papa.  Inspired by his maternal grandmother, whom he dedicates the book, Cranfill tells the story of two young children, Nick and Sarah,  who spend a sensational weekend with their grandparents at "Camp Nana Papa."  It's not really a camp though...Nick and Sarah just call it that.  To them, "Camp Nana Papa" is the special time they share with their grandparents!

book review

What is the weekend like at "Camp Nana Papa?"   For little Nick and Sarah the weekend is filled with swimming, fishing, going to the zoo, camping, and more!  Most of all, the weekend is overflowing with an abundance of love from Grandma and Grandpa!  To Nick and Sarah that's all that matters.  In their life, there is no relationship that compares to the one they share with their grandparents.

During their visit, they befriend a lightning bug (firefly) named Flash the Firefly, who is alongside them every moment, enjoying the fun-filled time at Grandma's and Grandpa's.  As the day comes to an end, Nick and Sarah must say goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa, but they know that they will be visiting again soon!  The 34-page hard cover book comes with a dust jacket and is adored with creative artwork by Jeffrey Ebbeler.  His vision truly brings the story to life with charming illustrations.

book review

The book includes 6 pages of space at the end to make each copy memorable to the owner. For example. a page to draw the reader's version of Flash the Firefly or a chance to write what they hope to do next time they visit "Camp Nana Papa!"  The Adventures of Camp Nana Papa and the cuddly lighted plush toy - Flash the Firefly - retails for $19.95, but you can purchase them for  just $14.95, with promo code THEBOOK....  Just visit  The Camp Nana Papa website.

book review

I highly recommend this book as a must have for all grandparents.  The print is nice and big, the simple story is warmhearted,  and the bright illustrations are captivating.  The minute I showed it to my granddaughter, who is just three, she was intrigued and wanted grandma to read it to her!  I'm looking forward to reading The Adventures at Camp Nana Papa to many more grandchildren in the future and can't wait to see the next edition to this incredible series!

In a previous post, I introduced the Camp Nana Papa website and featured some unique gifts that would be perfect for your grandchildren.  I encourage all of you to purchase their book and browse around the website.  The Adventures of Camp Nana Papa is a reflection of the time the writer shared with his own grandmother.  His hope is that all grandparents will share this story with their grandchildren and create lasting memories of their very own!  My grandchildren are still very young, but it is my hope that someday they too will reflect on the times we shared together....

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.
Credit: Top image from Camp Nana Papa/Permission granted

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