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Babierge: Service for Traveling Families

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service for traveling families

It's summertime and many of you will be traveling on family vacations.  Rather than lugging all the essential baby equipment through crowded airports or packing it up in an overstuffed car to haul to your destination, why not rent the equipment you need? At Babierge (Baby+ Concierge) you can acquire brand name baby equipment that is clean, safe and high quality for however long it is needed. The best part about it is that Babierge will deliver the items directly to your travel destination and pick them up when you are ready to leave.

When I was asked to write this review, the first thing that came to my mind was a few years ago when my daughter attended a wedding across the country. Her husband and daughter, who was not yet two, accompanied her. Since she was flying, it was impossible to take her own, so she arranged to borrow the items from local family members and their friends that lived in the area. It took my daughter a week to line up all the gear she needed for the seat, high chair, crib, etc..  What a hassle!  If she would have known about this service it sure would have made life much easier at the time.

service for traveling families

How Babierge Works

Local independent partners list available baby equipment on the Babierge website.  The inventory is owned and managed by these independent providers, typically parents themselves.  Most of all, they deliver, setup, and take away the rented items. Just to see how simple it is to rent a few items, I visited their website and selected Chicago as my destination... Just within a few miles of Chicago is a Babierge partner.  Listed on her page is a large selection of baby equipment. I was amazed at the variety of items that she had available. Here is just a few:

  • Crib ($14.00/day
  • High Chair ($10.00/day)
  • Stroller ( $11.00-$14.00/day)
  • Car Seat ($10.00/day)
  • Wagon ($7.00/day)
  • Monitor ($5.00/day)

service for traveling families

Reserving Your Baby Equipment 

  • Visit the website and select your destination (Santa Fe, Albuquerque and Rio Rancho, New Mexico; Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota; Chicago, Illinois; Memphis, Tennessee; San Antonio, Texas, and Los Angeles and San Francisco California.
  • Choose your items and place them in the reservation cart.
  • Enter the dates that you would like to rent the items, rental address and billing information.
  • Read terms
  • Submit payment and complete reservation

Within a two hour window from your desired time, the items that you reserved will be delivered to the rental address you provided.  It's that easy!

Babierge makes family travels easy with the convenience of baby and toddler equipment delivered to their vacation destination.  In addition, I can see Grandparents taking advantage of this service, especially for those who have grandchildren that live far away. Next time grandchildren come for a visit, everything the baby needs will be ready and waiting....No scrambling to find someone that has baby equipment to borrow, or investing a ton of money for equipment that may only be used a few times!  Babierge is working on adding several new destination cities in the near future. I highly recommend Babierge to anyone traveling with a baby or toddler this summer, near the available cities, and need baby equipment!

Images from Babierge with permission

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