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App for Parents "Little Peanut on the Go"

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App for Parents

"Little Peanut on the Go" app for parents was introduced to me y the founder, Karla Lemmon. She thought it would benefit my readers, as it is a wonderful app to help busy Mothers and Grandmothers organize essential information. I know one of the hardest things for a Mom to do is leave their little ones with a caregiver. This convenient app not only will allow busy Moms to stay connected with their children while they are apart, but it is a great way to store schedules, packing lists, medication information and more!

In this day in age, it seems cell phones play a big role in one's daily life.  Even though I was a late bloomer when it came to cell phones, I find myself utilizing the apps on my phone throughout the day. Whether it be checking my email messages, weather for the week, latest news, store sales, or social media cell phone is readily available in the pocket of my hoodie!  It's my means of connecting to the outside world throughout the day, while I'm chasing after my little "grand-peanuts!" Not only that, but my daughter's get super annoyed when they try to reach me and I don't answer their call or text message right away!  So, this app would be perfect for a Grandma like me, who is looking for a way to stay connected...while being organized at the same time.

app for parents

Little Peanut on the Go App for Parents is all you need!

"Little Peanut on the Go" is a simple mobile app for parents to download on their mobile device. In the app, Mom can organize important information regarding her children that she would like either followed or resourced when needed.  Suppose your granddaughter is visiting for the weekend and on Saturday she has dance practice at Noon, she brings over her favorite blanket that she can't live without, and brushes her teeth before bed....but not until she takes her cough medicine for that relentless cough!  Oh, and what was that phone number where Mom and Dad can be reached in case of an emergency?  No worries, in this mobile app Mom can place all the information at your fingertips...reminding you not to forget to pack the blanket when it is time to go home!

After you download the app from the App Store or Google Play, you create an account.  Next, choose a plan for a sitter, an overnight, an outing, etc... Then, you will be prompted to insert your vital information (schedule, things to pack, bedtime, medication, emergency contact and so on..) Of course, you can change the information depending on the circumstance.  Mom and Grandma can even share photos and updates!

"Little Peanut on the Go" is a great mobile app for parents to stay connected while they are away from their children. It gives them the confidence of knowing everything is being taken care of.   The app is a free download, with in-app purchases for parents.  The app is free for caregivers. I encourage you all to visit the Little Peanut on the Go website for more information, plus the App Store or Google Play for reviews and to download.

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