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What You Need to Know About Christmas Layaway

Layaway can be a good option when shopping for Christmas.  Not only because it gives you a chance to pay for items over a longer period of time, but for those items that sell out quickly- this can be a good way to guarantee you will have that special gift when the holiday comes around.  I personally, love the layaway plan at Toys R Us.  You can shop online and have your items placed in layaway. Every couple of weeks you make payments right online and when you have zero balance, your item will be shipped to you. Not all of their products can be placed in layaway, however most of their bigger items can be.  This makes a lot of sense if you know exactly what you want.  It sure does beat battling the crowds at Christmastime! 

There are some things to think about when making the decision to place things in layaway.  Here are a few questions you should have answers to before you take the plunge.  Every store is different, so check out the layaway plans for each one. 

The questions you need answered:

  1. How much down payment is required?
  2. Is there a layaway fee for the service?
  3. What amount will the payments be and when are they due?
  4. Is there a cancellation or restocking fee?
  5. If a layaway is cancelled, will the payments be refunded (cash or store credit)?
  6. When does the layaway items have to be picked up?
  7. What if the price drops while the item is in layaway?  Will there be a credit?
  8. Can only certain items be placed in layaway?

Here are some stores that have a layaway plan.  Check out their Christmas layaway policies before you head to the store or shop online.

  • Burlington Coat Factory
  • TJ Max
  • Sears
  • KMart
  • Walmart
  • Toys R Us
  • Best Buy
  • Cabellas

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