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Ten Reasons to Shop for Christmas Early

Shop early for Christmas

We can all agree that shopping for Christmas gifts can be pretty overwhelming, especially for those of us that wait until the last minute to get started.  The overcrowded parking lots, long checkout lines, grouchy salespeople, and for some of us...terrible weather conditions, makes it hard to actually enjoy the holiday season. So, why wait until "Black Friday" to get started on your Christmas shopping? Shopping for Christmas early makes a lot of sense, and here are the reasons.....

  1. Sale promotions are around all year.  Think about all the holidays that come after Christmas. There is Valentines Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and the list goes on.  Just about every holiday is a reason for retailers to offer sale promotions. Don't forget about "back to school" specials!  Take advantage of the sale promotions that are offered throughout the year. 

  2. Better on the wallet.  Purchasing gifts throughout the year doesn't hit the bank, as hard as shopping for gifts all at once. If you are the smart one to put a Christmas fund away that's great, but many use savings or credit for Christmas and then end up paying for Christmas "after Christmas". 

  3. More selection.  The good stuff goes quickly.  Shopping early will give you more of a selection, especially if you shop around September because the store inventory is up and the Christmas rush hasn't started yet. 

  4. Avoid long lines and crowded parking lots.  I recently went shopping for some summer outfits and there was barely anyone in the mall, and I'm talking about a big mall.  Do you think it would be like that come November?

  5. Special offers online.  Now that you have time to surf the internet, you can browse your favorite shops online and take advantage of their specials.  Sign up for newsletters, that way you will be informed when deals are happening. 

  6. Layaway options.  Some stores now offer layaway, so you can shop now and make payments throughout the year. When Christmas rolls around your gifts will be paid for. Stores like, K-Mart, Walmart, Toys R Us, and Best Buy have a layaway plan available.  Just Google "layaway for Christmas" and see what comes up. 

  7. Time to think about your shopping list.  You are no longer rushing to buy that last minute gift, because you had time to really think and make a Christmas shopping list.  How about personalized or handmade gifts? 

  8. Be creative with your gift wrapping.  Instead of wrapping your gifts with generic Christmas wrapping paper, you have time to check out gift wrapping ideas online, especially on Pinterest.  Your gift will be wrapped so beautifully that the recipient will find it hard to open.  

  9. Faster service at the Post Office (For those who send packages through the mail).  I know, it may be silly to send packages early for Christmas, but if you can send them in November, instead of December, it will be well worth it.  Believe me, I know because I have to ship my Christmas stockings and the lines are crazy the closer you get to Christmas. 

  10. Makes the holiday more enjoyable. Without the stress of shopping, you can enjoy the holiday.  Concentrate on the other aspects of Christmas, like decorating and baking cookies.  If you are having family over for Christmas, you have more time to plan your get-together.

Enjoy your holiday and shop early for Christmas.  If you can think of anymore reasons to shop early, let us know.

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