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US Cities and Towns with Christmas Names

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US Cities and Towns with Christmas Names

The spirit of Christmas is all around us, generally beginning right after Halloween.  But for those who live in certain towns, Christmas is around them everyday year round.  I'm talking about towns that were named with the "Christmas Spirit" in mind.  There are actually dozens of towns boasting holiday names in the United States.  Some are very small communities, while others are more populated and have taken advantage of their popular name. Christmas decorated streets, fun gift shops, holiday theme parks, and annual festivals are a few of the attractions that welcome visitors to places like Santa Claus, Indiana and North Pole, Alaska.  Here are my favorite names, however keep in mind that some of the names for a city or town can also be found in other states as well.

  • Christmas City, Utah
  • Christmas, Florida (Arizona, Kentucky, Mississippi, Michigan)
  • Christmas Valley, Oregon
  • Christmasville, Tennessee
  • Noel, Louisiana (Missouri)
  • Holiday, Florida
  • Holiday Hills, Illinois
  • Santa, Idaho
  • Santa Claus, Arizona (Georgia, Indiana)
  • Saint Nicholas, Florida (Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania)
  • North Pole, Alaska (Idaho, New York)
  • Mistletoe, Kentucky
  • Poinsettia Park, Florida
  • Garland, Maine (Nebraska, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah)
  • Holly, Colorado (Michigan, Washington)
  • Evergreen, Alabama ( Colorado, Louisiana, Montana, North Carolina, Virginia)
  • Jolly, Georgia (Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Texas)
  • Joy, Arkansas (Illinois)
  • Humbug, Arizona
  • Elf, North Carolina
  • Hallelujah Junction, California
  • Advent, West Virginia
  • Snow, Arkansas (Idaho, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Oklahoma and Utah)
  • Snowflake, Arizona (Virginia, West Virginia)
  • Silver Bell, Arizona
  • Reindeer, Missouri
  • Reindeer Hills, Utah
  • Nazareth, Kentucky (Pennsylvania, Texas)
  • Bethlehem, Connecticut (Indiana, Maryland, Mississippi, New Hampshire and New York)
  • Rudolph, Ohio (South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Wisconsin)
  • Dasher, Georgia
  • Vixen, Louisiana
  • Comet, Arkansas (Missouri, Montana, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia)
  • Cupid, Nebraska
  • Donner, California, Florida, Louisiana)
  • Blitzen, Oregon
  • Eggnog, Utah

That was fun...Do you live in a town or city with a Christmas name? Or, maybe you live on a street with a Christmas name...


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