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How to Choose Christmas Stockings

christmas stockings

When it comes to finding Christmas stockings for your family, it can be overwhelming. There are so many Christmas stockings on the market, so how do you choose?  If you are looking for Christmas stockings that match, the best option is to find a company that has a large assortment available in the same design. This is particularly important when you need another stocking the following years, as your family grows.  I have had so many customers who, over the years, return to my site to let me know that there is a new addition to their family and they are ordering another stocking. 

Christmas Stockings

Next, when choosing a Christmas stocking consider the quality.  You want your Christmas stockings to last a long time.  Often, Christmas stockings that are mass produced for resale are made of low quality fabric and unlined.  Read what others are saying about the Christmas stockings we make here at Cotton Creations.  Also,do you want your Christmas stockings personalized?  If so, make sure the name is large enough to read.  Some companies will personalize, but the lettering is so small you can barely make out the name.  Also, choose Christmas stockings that are a good fit for your family and each individual's personality.  Traditional Christmas stockings with Christmas appliques is a good way to make each stocking unique.   A Santa Claus or Snowman with a large black hat is perfect for Dad, a Mrs. Claus or Angel for Mom, and perhaps an Elf for the baby.  Finally, the question that I get asked often is "Should the Christmas stocking toes point to the left or the right?"  The answer is, "It doesn't matter, as long as all the toes point in the same direction."  Good luck in your quest to find the perfect Christmas stockings for your family and remember to shop early!

Lorraine, Cotton Creations

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