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Christmas Tipping Guide: Who and How Much

christmas tipping

When it comes to those you provide services to you, on a regular basis throughout the year, it is a kind gesture to let them know how much you appreciate their hard work by tipping them a little extra at Christmas time. Especially, those you rely on tips as part of their income.  From your hairdresser to your dog walker, here is a brief list of those you should tip at Christmas time and a guide to how much. These are just suggestions, as I'm sure the list could be much longer and each situation is unique. Remember, it is the thought that counts, so keep within your budget.

  • Mail carrier: It is nice to remember those who deliver your mail.  According to government regulations, the US postal service is not allowed to accept cash gifts, however a non-monetary gift under $20 is appropriate. For FedEx and UPS drivers, a small gift left at the door is acceptable (box of cookies). 
  • Dog walker:  What would you do without the person who walks your dog every day?  It is suggested that a cash gift of one day to one week's pay is a nice gesture.
  • Hair stylist or Manicurist : Hair stylist and nail technicians (manicurists) work hard and for many, their salary is tips alone. Generally, a cash tip equal to one visit is a nice "thank you" at Christmas. 
  • Newspaper delivery person: A cash gift of $10 to $30
  • Housekeeper: According to Consumer Reports, those  Americans that have housekeepers tip them $50 during the holiday.
  • Door or elevator man: $20
  • Babysitter: From the babysitter, who watches your little ones all day, to a once-and-awhile weekend babysitter, a tip equal to one day's pay or one night is appropriate.
  • Parking garage attendant: If you interact with a parking garage attendant on a daily basis, a $ 20 tip is appreciated.
  • Trash collector: $10- $20 each
  • Pool cleaner: Amount equal to one cleaning
  • Gardener: Depending on the amount of time they put into gardening for you ( one week's pay or less).

This list doesn't include small gifts that show appreciation at Christmas-time.  For example:  School teachers, music teachers, coaches and tutors, etc.  In general, you should think about those individuals who provide a "service" to you on a regular basis, throughout the year. Pay special attention to those whom rely on tips as part of their salary.

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