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Tips to a Perfect Holiday Photo

Christmas Tips

how to take a great christmas photo
A Christmas photograph doesn't have to be formal.  In fact, the best pictures are those that are casual, relaxed and fun.  Here are some tips on how to make your next Christmas photo shoot a success. 

  • Lighting is key.  Experts say that morning light or late afternoon natural lighting is the best. The mid-day, when the sun is at it's peak, tends to created an unflattering glare.   If you are indoors the camera should be between the window and the subject.  Don't include the window in your shot.
  • Don't use a flash indoors. As stated above natural lighting is the best.  This is interesting, but experts say it is a good idea to use a flash outdoors.  In bright sunlight, forcing your flash to fire will fill in the shadows and harsh contrasts that the bright afternoon outdoor light creates. 
  • Wear clothing that is not a distraction.  The faces should be the key focus, not the clothes.  Solid or simple print clothing is the best.
  • Take several pictures in several different locations and be quick.  Having several pictures from different locations, gives you more to choose from, but have these stations set up and ready to go.  People get very impatient and crabby when it takes too long to take the picture.  Also, be fun with it and crack jokes, make each other smile.  Sometimes, the more spontaneous it is the better, then the picture doesn't look so staged.
  • When there are only a few people in the picture, a prop can add character.  Hold a wreath, sign, mistletoe, etc.

When properly prepared ahead of time, the end result can be amazing. A good photograph in a nice frame makes a wonderful gift for family and friends at Christmas.

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