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Ten Gift Ideas for Women


Here are some gift ideas any woman would love for Christmas.  I tried to keep them affordable, thoughtful and fun.  If you have any gift ideas that you would like to share, please comment below. Of course, these are great gifts for any occasion, not just at Christmas. 

1. I don't know about you, but I love to be comfortable. Comfy pajamas paired with a matching robe and slippers is a great gift. Include a good book and a box of chocolates!

2. Nothing beats a bubble bath!  A basket full of bath essentials, along with an assortment of candles, a good book and the biggest softest bath towel you can find.  How about including a gift card for a local spa!

3. Anything personalized is always a winner. A large collage of pictures, a lovely quote on canvas, even a coffee mug. Be creative, there are tons of companies that have websites specifically for personalized gifts. My kids had a canvas made that included all of their names and spouses with their wedding dates.  My wedding date was in the center, along with our favorite things to do and memorable vacation trips my husband and I had taken. 

4. It is always fun to try new treats.  How about a gourmet gift basket with delightful cookies, candies, etc.  There are so many themed gift baskets available. You can also create your own.  What about a movie basket? You can include a new released movie, popcorn, candy, etc.  You can also include a gift card that reads "Includes free babysitting for your Movie Night"!

5. One year my daughter, who is a cosmetology instructor, gave me a basket full of hair products.  She included all kinds of products that I wouldn't normally buy, but might want to try out.  It was fun discovering new ways to use them. I would suggest going to a hair salon and purchasing top brand products.

6.  When in a pinch, you can always purchase gift cards.  At Walgreen's they have a huge rack full of gift cards.  From restaurants to clothing stores, book stores and more.  A magazine subscription is cool too! Any home or women's magazine would make a nice gift.

7.  Does your gift recipient have a hobby? For example, if she loves to sew you can purchase a couple yards of fun fabric, along with a pattern and all the supplies she needs to put it together.  Perhaps she loves jewelry making or scrap booking! Make a trip to Hobby Lobby and have fun putting together a fun gift basket.

8.  Work out gear for the person who visits the gym.  This is something you really don't want to buy for yourself, but feel you have to.  A cute matching work out outfit, with some new work out shoes and sport sox would be awesome! Maybe you could include a membership to a new facility for a few months.

9. Handmade gift items are always a big hit!  A gift made by hand is a gift from the heart!  Check out the DIY projects on Pinterest. There are so many cool ideas.  You don't have to be very crafty either.  A handmade gift as simple as "cookies in a jar" would make a nice gift. 

10. New makeup and perfume are always nice.  During the holiday, there are specials at the bigger department stores like Macy's, Carsons, Bloomingdale's and Nordstrom's.  Some have trial size makeup and perfumes with a variety  included in one gift pack. Add a gift card to a hair salon or nail parlor!

Hope you like my ideas.  Happy Shopping!
Lorraine, Cotton Creations

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